Properly Pruning Palm Tree Trunks

Do you have palm trees on your property that need to be trimmed or cleaned? Before you jump into doing so, you should remember that palm trees do not need regular upkeep: allowing them go on their own will keep the tree healthy.

However, at times there may be dead fronds or detritus that build up on the trunk itself, forcing you to have to clean and shape it to keep the tree healthy. If you need to clean or trim the trunk, there are specific steps you should take to make sure you don’t harm the tree.

Trimming is Key

The first step you should take is make sure that you have to trim the tree. If there are numerous dead fronds on the tree, you should begin pruning it. You should never cut the palm fronds on a tree just for cosm

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The Best At-Home Tree Root Removal Tools

As spring comes into full swing, many people are emerging from their homes to get their yards ready for the summer. A common job is the removal of troublesome roots that either have the potential to or are causing problems on other parts of the yard.

So what tools should be used to do your own root removal? There are plenty of options!

Look No Further Than Your Own Garage!

The first—and best—tool is one that you more than likely already have in your garage: a shovel. In particular, shovels with a sharp tip on the head should be used to remove the soil from around the root. The sharp shovel tip can either be used to dig around the root to expose it to a saw or to hack at it to remove it.


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What is The Average Cost of a Fallen Tree?

If your tree falls in your lawn…how much does it cost? The answer to this can swing in many directions at the same time, depending on whether you take the opportunity to keep the logs that come from the tree, whether it crashed into your house or car, and whether you hire outside help to remove the tree.

Fallen Tree Advice

To begin with, let’s get the sentimental value out of the way. Cutting up a fallen tree and using the logs for a winter fire or summer bonfire can add a lot of value to your life in terms of happiness and relaxation. On average, a fallen tree will provide dozens of hours of burning that can be used at parties, at home, or even as fuel when you have other detritus to burn.

Next to consider is t

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How To Fix Exposed Tree Roots

One of the most common problems for home owners across the United States is caring for the lawn with a tree that has exposed tree roots. The roots can get in the way of properly mowing, can kill the lawn around the tree, and can trip you up when walking over your lawn. What are some ways you can take care of these tree roots?

What Do Yo Do?

The first thing that has to be considered in regards to tree roots is what causes these tree roots to crop up in the first place. The problem, surprisingly, isn’t the tree itself: it’s the soil. A chain reaction of sorts with trees occurs: the shade tends to kill grass (that can’t get enough sunlight), which leads to soil erosion over time. When soil erodes, there is nothing there to keep the

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How to repair fallen branches

Tree branches break all the time. The break could be caused by too much way or something else like a storm or hurricane. This can be a particular problem purpose of Jacksonville Florida that have to deal with hurricane season. The broken tree branches can change the way your tree looks. The broken limbs can turn a once beautiful tree to an eyesore overnight. You might want to know if it's possible to reattach broken branches and get your tree’s old look back. The short answer is yes if you use some guiding principles from grafting. Here's how to do it. 

Get it done quickly

You're up against the clock when a branch breaks off. The broken branch has no access to food or wat

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Best Keys to Tree Maintenance

Best Keys to Tree Maintenance

Here under the warm, tropical Florida sun, with the rains that wash in from the Gulf and Atlantic, plants grow in abundance. Whether it is the palm tree or numerous variety of ferns, Florida’s environment is perfect for the growth of uncountable plant life, which add a natural beauty to your surroundings.

At times however, these plants can grow too much, causing other problems on your property or making your lawn downright ugly. Palm trees in particular can grow in ways you don’t find picturesque, so when you find yourself needing to maintain the trees on your property, you may be looking for the proper ways to trim the tree and keep it hea

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Best Tree Service in Jacksonville, FL

Best Tree Service in Jacksonville, FL

With the wide array of trees in beautiful Jacksonville, chances are you may need to hire a tree service to help you trim, cut down, and/or remove downed trees or branches. In trying to find the best service to go for in order to get help with trees, there are a few things to keep in mind before launching in to who will be the best tree service for you.

The first thing to consider is the job that is needed. Some tree services in the area specialize in trimming branches, while others specialize in chopping some down, while the remainder are jack-of-all-trade kind of companies. Each of these types will offer different prices depending on t

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