Tree Maintenance In Jacksonville FL

Tree Maintenance

Jacksonville FL Tree Maintenance

“I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree,” said Joyce Kilmer, an author who sounds like he might have known a little bit of the importance of high-quality tree maintenance.

First Coast Tree Service offers a variety of Tree Maintenance Services in the Jacksonville, FL area. We provide tree trimming and tree pruning services. Trimming your trees on a regular basis keeps them healthy and beautiful. There are a variety of different trimming methods based on the different species of trees and how you want them to grow. Maintaining or trimming the trees in your yard can drastically change the atmosphere of your yard.

If you would like to have more light fall on your lawn so that grass can grow better, we can thin out the branches and allow more light to hit your lawn. This will allow a fuller, richer lawn that gets more sunlight. If tree limbs are growing up over your house, you may want to have them removed to prevent damage to your house. This will also prevent squirrels and other animals from getting on your roof. We can also elevate your trees and cut the lower branches so it does not interfere with sidewalks, patios, or other items in your yard.

Tree Services

First Coast Tree Services offers a wide variety of tree maintenance services in the Jacksonville, FL area, including, but not limited to tree pruning and tree trimming, for the purpose of:

  • Maintaining your tree’s shape and appearance – if you’d like more light fall on your lawn so that grass will grow better, we will thin out the branches and allow more light to hit your lawn.
  • Avoiding safety issues – we will elevate your trees and cut the lower branches, so your tree does not interfere with sidewalks, patios, or other items in your yard.
  • Promoting proper tree growth – we have a variety of different trimming methods, based on the many different species of trees and how you want them to grow. And remember, maintaining or trimming the trees in your yard can drastically change the atmosphere of your yard.

High-Quality Maintenance Program a Must

The number one best way to preserve a tree’s integrity is to have a high-quality maintenance program that encourages each of your tree’s long-term health and strength. Also, know that the worst thing that can happen to a tree is to perform substandard maintenance. Too many people try to maintain a tree on their own and end up losing the entire tree.

Nowadays, without spending a lot of money or effort, your trees can be the most beautiful and, therefore, the most noticeable trees in your neighborhood. While trees provide natural shade and beauty, they also add a lot of value to your home, which is one of the number one reasons why tree maintenance is so important.

Assessing Tree’s Overall Health

Our services also include maintaining your tree’s overall health by:

  • knowing what type of trees you have
  • knowing each of your tree’s needs
  • encouraging effective watering and
  • protecting the roots

Determining Tree Maintenance Cost

The first step in our tree maintenance program is to work with you to assess the actual cost. This includes:

  • size of tree
  • condition of tree
  • location of tree
  • ease of access for equipment
  • amount of trimming needed

Tree Maintenance Services in Jacksonville FL

Failing to carry out maintenance of your trees has unfavorable effects. They may:

  • Get diseased and infect any nearby tree.
  • Not grow as healthy as they should.
  • Pull more nutrients from the soil because of the uninhibited growth of branches, limbs, and leaves.

Tree Care Services

If you feel overwhelmed caring for and maintaining the trees on your property, professional tree services providers and landscaping services are available to help. Tree services available include:

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree trimming and pruning refer to the removal of overgrown, dead, or dying branches from your trees to allow for more air circulation and sunlight penetration. Young trees especially benefit from regular pruning tree service, as it enables them to grow into aesthetically desirable and structurally sound shapes. However, improper tree pruning can result in insect infestation, rotting, and your tree becoming a safety hazard.

For this reason, it is a good idea to hire a professional tree care service provider to do the pruning correctly. First Coast is a Jacksonville tree care company that has a team of highly skilled technicians and professional climbers who will do an amazing job pruning your commercial and residential property trees.

Cabling and Bracing Services

Large trees with cracks or two or more lean can damage the rest of your property. At First Coast Tree, we provide the support necessary to stabilize your trees. We do this using dynamic rigid tree cabling, flexible passive cabling and bracing. These enable your trees to withstand unfavorable weather conditions.

Tree Removal

When your trees become damaged, too aged, or hazardous to the environment; our technicians at First Coast Tree Care Company offer emergency tree service and a free estimate for safe tree removal of any dead tree, hazardous trees, fallen limbs, or fallen trees. We are always keen to secure the surrounding safety while we remove trees.

Stump Removal

Our staff at First Coast Tree Service Company carry out stump grinding until below the surface and backfill the stump hole with the resulting chipped debris. Our removal services also include replacing the stump hole with new seedlings and soil.

Tree Health Management and Seasonal Care

The goal of First Coast Tree management services is customer satisfaction by protecting your Jacksonville, FL property’s beauty while securing the neighborhood too. We include careful examination of the soil compactness, irrigation, pest infestation (like pine beetles and budworm), bed maintenance, and fertilization for your tree project.

We offer ongoing scheduled seasonal care and tree planning in a timely manner for residential and commercial clients. This is because each season has its tree care requirement. We have the right products, tree solutions, and all the equipment to exterminate pests and carry out tree work in your backyard.

The Best Tree Maintenance Jacksonville, FL

First Coast is a licensed and insured, locally-owned, and certified arborist alpha tree service family-owned and operated company in Jacksonville, FL. We offer emergency services, routine maintenance, disease control, storm cleanup, bush hogging, land clearing, site clearing, and brush chipping landscape services at a reasonable price.

We have liability insurance and do an awesome job serving Jacksonville residents and property owners- and residential and commercial customers from the surrounding communities of Northeast Florida and Atlantic Beach, Jacksonville, Fl.

For more information on maintenance services offered for trees, and free estimates, you can visit us at 2087, Cortex Road, Jacksonville Florida. You can also contact us by calling phone number (904) 401-2166 or emailing us at

Contact First Coast Tree Services today, at (904) 401-2166 and let us help you maintain the beauty of each tree in your yard.