What We do

Emergency Tree Service, Debris, Tree Removal Jacksonville

from First Coast Trees can give you the help you need to clean up from thunderstorms, hurricanes, windy weather or other emergency. Tree removal in Jacksonville and our emergency situations our services include:

  • Fallen tree removal
  • Exposed root removal
  • Root system removal
  • Stump removal

Palm Tree Removal & Maintenance Jacksonville

may be necessary in Jacksonville to continue the prolonged health of the tree. Our palm tree services include:

  • Palm frond pruning
  • Dead palm frond removal
  • Palm bark repair

Tree Services in Jacksonville, FL

Professional tree services are an essential investment. It can help residential and commercial customers decide who to hire based on training, expertise, experience, and certification.

Tree management services are essential to growing healthy trees that contribute to the value of the property and its surroundings. It is also vital to give insects, birds, and other animals a habitat while enhancing people’s lives. You can find a certified arborist who offers comprehensive tree services at First Coast Tree.

First Coast Tree is the place to get top-quality tree service. We have a specialty in tree care services. Our tree trimming services are affordable in all of Jacksonville, FL. We can clean up the debris, remove damage from trees, and do pruning to allow the natural growth of your trees.

Our professional services offer residential and commercial clients every type of tree care service. At First Coast, regular or emergency tree services are handled with the same urgency and priority. We aim to ensure customer satisfaction with our excellent customer service.

Tree Trimming

We are a locally owned and operated company in Jacksonville, FL. We offer tree trimming to help restore the health of your trees after a storm. We can come to the rescue if you need a storm cleanup.

The tree service is essential if you want to keep your trees healthy. We also avoid branches falling on power lines to avoid further damage. First Coast Trees will give you high-quality work and affordable services. Our certified arborists love trees and do an awesome job of maintaining their health, beauty, and longevity.


Tree Pruning

First Coast specializes in tree maintenance for small and large trees in Jacksonville, FL. We do an amazing job with our tree solutions to encourage the growth of healthy trees. We help trees survive with the help of our certified arborists, who have accurate knowledge of pruning.

Tree Removal

First Coast Trees can come to the rescue if you need your tree removed. Doing it yourself can be time-consuming and dangerous. Ideally, get an expert who can do the tree work with all the equipment necessary.

We are responsible for removing trees to ensure the property owners remain satisfied. We offer emergency tree service to clear your back yard and front yard. Your residential property can be beautiful and clean as we do stump removal and grinding services. If you have dead trees on your residential property, you can call us to take care of them at a reasonable price.

Our assessments will help us decide the course of action to take. For example, a dead tree requires less time to remove than a live and healthy one. Therefore, our qualified arborist will do an assessment and decide on what type of tree service to do to solve your problem.


Tree Service in Jacksonville, FL

First Coast Trees is the best service provider for tree care in Jacksonville, FL. We give free estimates to our potential clients. Among the services we offer are routine maintenance, land clearing, tree removal, and stump grinding.

The free estimate will allow you to approve our services before proceeding with work and site clearing. If you are a business owner and need us to take care of your commercial property, we can take care of the trees in your compound. The same applies to residential clients. Call us at (904) 401-2166 to get exceptional tree care. You can also visit our offices in Jacksonville, Florida, for more help.