How to trim palm tree branches

If you live in one of the numerous states across the U.S. that has palm trees, you may find yourself needing to trim its branches at some point in the future. Maybe you are there now, and need direction in how to trim those branches. Maybe you see the trees in your tree going that way and know you will need to do it in the next few months. Or maybe you know a friend or a neighbor that needs help. Either way, you’ve turned to the right place to get help.

Telling Which Fronds Need Trimmed

Which fronds can be trimmed? A simple rule is to look at the angles the fronds are in comparison to the trunk. Dead branches will hang close to the trunk, changing color over time. Any branches that are hanging at a ninety degree angle compared to the trunk, don’t cut these. This will open the tree up to unnecessary risk for disease.

The first thing to remember is that palm trees are extremely prone to disease, in particular fusarium. These diseases can cause the palm tree to wilt and die but, more importantly, they are contagious diseases. In order to prevent this, most DIY websites will suggest that you disinfect your tools to remove any such diseases both before and after you trim the tree. This can be done with a bleach solution.

The Tools You Need

Next are the tools you can use to trim the tree. Either a knife, a saw, or a chainsaw will do the job, and for palm trees that are a bit too tall, you can always purchase a chainsaw extender from Home Depot or Lowes. Each of these tools can be used at the varying heights of the fronds you would like to trim. Use a knife or the chainsaw to trim those fronds within reach of the ground, utilizing a ladder—and caution—to get those that are a few feet. Use an extender to cut those that are just out of reach.

When you are cutting the fronds, you should use the same process you would if you were trimming rose bushes. You should saw the frond close to the trunk, but be careful not to cut the trunk itself. Cuts against the trunk of a palm tree will not heal, leading to higher risk of disease.

Tree Trimming with First Coast Tree, Jacksonville, FL

You should always be careful when trimming palm trees, as many species of palm trees grow to great heights. Do not take unnecessary risks and call a company if you need help trimming the tree! If you are in the Jacksonville, FL area and are looking for tree trimming services give First Coast Tree a call today at (904) 401-2166.

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