How to repair fallen branches

Tree branches break all the time. The break could be caused by too much way or something else like a storm or hurricane. This can be a particular problem purpose of Jacksonville Florida that have to deal with hurricane season. The broken tree branches can change the way your tree looks. The broken limbs can turn a once beautiful tree to an eyesore overnight. You might want to know if it’s possible to reattach broken branches and get your tree’s old look back. The short answer is yes if you use some guiding principles from grafting. Here’s how to do it. 

Get it done quickly

You’re up against the clock when a branch breaks off. The broken branch has no access to food or water once it’s been cut off. You need to get the branch reattached as quickly as possible. If you don’t get it done fast enough the branch will die. The best way to reattach the severed limb is through a technique called splice grafting.

The process of splice grafting 

You’ll need a splint that is the right size for the limb. This can range from a popsicle stick, pencil, a ruler, or a large piece of wood. You can also use any sort of hard structure that fits if you’re working with a large branch. You need to keep the broken ends together as you put the splint in place. Then grab something like stockings, electrical tape or plant tape to wrap around the area. You want material such as this, because it will hold the tree branch in place, but also have some give. The give allows the stem to grow. Make sure you support the stem if it’s dangling. This additional pressure can inhibit the healing process and cause the tree branch to die. 

What’s the next step?

After performing the graft you have to wait and watch the plant closely. There’s no telling whether or not the graft will be successful. If the process doesn’t work, unwanted material such as bacteria, fungus, or mold could infect the tree. Another possibility is that the exposed cambium doesn’t seal and the broken limb isn’t able to get the nutrients and moisture it needs. The limb will end up dying slowly. You want to watch the tree closely so that you can get rid of the limb, and stop any of these things from happening. Hopefully you’ll end up with a successfully grafted limb.

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