How to fix exposed tree roots

One of the most common problems for home owners across the United States is caring for the lawn with a tree that has exposed tree roots. The roots can get in the way of properly mowing, can kill the lawn around the tree, and can trip you up when walking over your lawn. What are some ways you can take care of these tree roots?

What Do Yo Do?

The first thing that has to be considered in regards to tree roots is what causes these tree roots to crop up in the first place. The problem, surprisingly, isn’t the tree itself: it’s the soil. A chain reaction of sorts with trees occurs: the shade tends to kill grass (that can’t get enough sunlight), which leads to soil erosion over time. When soil erodes, there is nothing there to keep the roots underground.

So what should you do to take care of the exposed roots? The first option is to remove any extra grass around the tree and instead of filling it in with soil, put mulch around it. This covers the roots and will ensure a more level ground. On top of this, over time the mulch will break down and fill in the holes left from soil erosion.

Another quick fix that can be taken in regards to tree roots is to lay some stepping stones around the roots to keep them from tripping you up. Ornamental stepping stones have the added benefit of looking good, adding more decoration to your lawn.

As you can tell, many of the fixes suggested in this blog post suggest simply finding ways to work around the exposed roots. There is a reason for this. The first thought that pops into most people’s heads when thinking of taking care of exposed tree roots is to cut them out of the ground. Don’t do this! Removing tree roots can make the tree fragile: when a tree becomes fragile, it can fall over in a storm or heightened wind. A fallen tree can damage your home or your cars, adding costs that you do not need to pay.

Another choice that people consider is adding soil to replace the soil that has been eroded. This has its own problems as well. Nature has its own way of picking the exact type of soil and how tightly it is packed, two considerations hard to figure out on your own.

Thus, simply finding ways to work around tree roots are best and most cost-efficient.

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