Properly pruning palm tree trunks

Do you have palm trees on your property that need to be trimmed or cleaned? Before you jump into doing so, you should remember that palm trees do not need regular upkeep: allowing them go on their own will keep the tree healthy.

However, at times there may be dead fronds or detritus that build up on the trunk itself, forcing you to have to clean and shape it to keep the tree healthy. If you need to clean or trim the trunk, there are specific steps you should take to make sure you don’t harm the tree.

Trimming is Key

The first step you should take is make sure that you have to trim the tree. If there are numerous dead fronds on the tree, you should begin pruning it. You should never cut the palm fronds on a tree just for cosmetic reasons, but to remove dead fronds and prevent fire hazards. You can also choose to trim fruits or flowers that are growing on the tree.

Any fronds that are growing on the trunk should be cut without making any marks on the trunk itself. Use a knife, clippers, or a hand saw at most to remove the frond, leaving two inches between the cut and the trunk. This makes sure that the trunk isn’t touched.

Clean Your Equipment

Prior to cutting the frond, you should clean your equipment to keep undue bacteria from the tree. Palm trees are particularly susceptible to disease, and unless you cut dead fronds and make sure that no outside bacteria is introduced, it will harm the tree.

At times as well palm fronds will grow at the very base of the palm tree trunk. It is a great idea to let these grow a bit—for a year at least—then remove them with the roots. Replant it in your yard to allow for a new palm to grow as well.

Finally, palm trees grow various fibers on its trunk and fronds. You can remove these, but you have to be absolutely careful not to cut the trunk. The fiber should dry out with exposure to the sun, but if the fiber is still wet, let it dry before removing it.

Find a Local Palm Tree Service Expert

Ultimately, it is a great idea to turn to an expert to cut the fronds. Check out reviews to see who has done the best job in the area and give them a call for an estimate. They will be able to trim where is needed without harming the integrity of the palm tree and allow it to last longer. If your palm tree’s trunk needs pruning and you need a professional than give First Coast Tree in Jacksonville, FL a call today at (904) 401-2166.

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