The best at-home tree root removal tools

As spring comes into full swing, many people are emerging from their homes to get their yards ready for the summer. A common job is the removal of troublesome roots that either have the potential to or are causing problems on other parts of the yard.

So what tools should be used to do your own root removal? There are plenty of options!

Look No Further Than Your Own Garage!

The first—and best—tool is one that you more than likely already have in your garage: a shovel. In particular, shovels with a sharp tip on the head should be used to remove the soil from around the root. The sharp shovel tip can either be used to dig around the root to expose it to a saw or to hack at it to remove it.

Along with the shovel, a saw can come in handy when cutting away larger roots. Simply remove as much soil and detritus as possible around the root and use the saw to remove the root, filling the hole back in with soil to prevent further erosion that causes tree root exposure in the first place.

For smaller roots, garden shears can be used to clip away the roots. Again, it is a great idea to remove the soil from the area around the root to allow easy access. And again, you should fill the hole back in with soil to prevent erosion.

A fourth useful tool is a post-hole digger which can dig round holes around both troublesome tree roots and stumps that were left behind. This allows for a removal of a larger area of soil and roots, making it easier to get to the roots you want to remove or remove an entire stump at one time.

Power Tools

The above tools fall more on the manual labor side, but what about power tools? The first item many go to remove large, troublesome roots or tree stumps is a backhoe. Obviously, purchasing one of these is usually outside the realm of possibility, but if you need to remove multiple trees’ roots or stumps, you can rent a backhoe from multiple stores like Home Depot.

For a cheaper power tool, you can purchase or rent a root grinder, which takes those roots and stumps you have already dug up and chop it into smaller pieces. These pieces, in turn, can be used as mulch for your garden or as tinder for a backyard fire!

Tree Root Removal Services at First Coast Tree in Jacksonville, FL

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