Best keys to tree maintenance

Here under the warm, tropical Florida sun, with the rains that wash in from the Gulf and Atlantic, plants grow in abundance. Whether it is the palm tree or numerous variety of ferns, Florida’s environment is perfect for the growth of uncountable plant life, which add a natural beauty to your surroundings. 

At times however, these plants can grow too much, causing other problems on your property or making your lawn downright ugly. Palm trees in particular can grow in ways you don’t find picturesque, so when you find yourself needing to maintain the trees on your property, you may be looking for the proper ways to trim the tree and keep it healthy. Following are key practices towards properly maintaining the trees on your property. 

The first key to tree maintenance is proper inspection of your trees. The first thing you should be on the lookout for are dead, dying, or old fronds. Oftentimes, you will find these drooping down towards the ground, with healthier fronds on top of them. During other times, you may see flowers, fruit, or both. All of these can slow tree growth and make them look ugly. 

The next key is making sure you have the proper tools. Many chainsaws may be too large for the job at hand and it has to be remembered that you cannot make cuts anywhere on the trunk, as this could allow diseases to enter the tree, killing it in the long run. Instead, use bush trimmers, large clippers, or a small chainsaw if you can handle it well. 

The third key is planning your pruning session. What you should be aiming for with palm trees are full, round tops rather than the “hurricane cut” that results from too many fronds being removed. Try to get only those fronds that are preventing the tree from being round at the top. 

Finally, the key to actually pruning the tree is to make sure that you leave some of it still connected. Two inches of stem from the trunk is generally a good rule, allowing the tree to possibly regrow new fronds in its place. 

Ultimately, the biggest key of all is safety, both for you and the tree. If the palm tree is too large, consider contacting an experienced tree company that has the tools and expertise to trim the tree for you. Most major cities and areas in Florida have companies that will do a good job on trees that are too large.

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