What is the average cost of a fallen tree

If your tree falls in your lawn…how much does it cost? The answer to this can swing in many directions at the same time, depending on whether you take the opportunity to keep the logs that come from the tree, whether it crashed into your house or car, and whether you hire outside help to remove the tree.

Fallen Tree Advice

To begin with, let’s get the sentimental value out of the way. Cutting up a fallen tree and using the logs for a winter fire or summer bonfire can add a lot of value to your life in terms of happiness and relaxation. On average, a fallen tree will provide dozens of hours of burning that can be used at parties, at home, or even as fuel when you have other detritus to burn.

Next to consider is the potential costs if a fallen tree has damaged your home or automobile. These costs can range immensely, from a small fee to replace a possible broken gutter, to a need to replace major parts of your home to maintain its structural integrity, to the possible need to replace your vehicle. Both of these latter possibilities, of course, can be dealt with through insurance companies. However, in cases where insurance doesn’t cover the entirety of the cost, damages from a fallen tree can cost you upwards of tens of thousands of dollars.

A third item that affects the cost of a fallen tree is whether you hire outside help. In both cases, whether the fallen tree has damaged parts of your property or not, outside help can be costly. Yet, when the damage is widespread and a structural fix is an absolute need, paying extra to get the best help is recommended.

Finally, removing a tree using a company—a fallen tree that has landed on a part of your property and didn’t damage any parts of your home or automobile—can generally range from $75 to $150. This price is generally far cheaper than removal of a tree that hasn’t fallen, mostly because the work of cutting it down has been taken care of. The range depends as well on the species and size of the tree.

Fallen Tree Service with First Coast Tree

A fallen tree can be both an opportunity and a burden to your pocketbook, depending on the context in which it fell in. It is recommended as well to plant another tree in its place. Do your part for the environment: where one tree falls, put another in its place! Give First Coast Tree in Jacksonville, FL a call today if you have a fallen tree and need assistance! (904) 401-2166

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