Stump Grinding Service

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Providing Stump Grinding Services for Jacksonville, Florida

Our team here at First Coast Trees offers fast and friendly service for any and all tree service in Jacksonville, Florida especially getting rid of tree stumps.

Removing a tree is only the first part of getting rid of it. You also need to have the stump removed and one of the best ways to do this is by having the stump ground. Stump grinding means taking the remnants of the tree and chipping and grinding it up. Stump grinding is really just another word for stump removal – which is what most homeowners and business owners are looking for.

Stump grinding and removal is not something that the typical homeowner wants to tackle. The easiest way to deal with a stump is when a storm blows or damages a tree to the point that the root ball is taken out of the ground and it still connected to the tree. That allows easy access to the roots and the stump itself.

The most common need for stump removal is when a standing tree (living or dead) is removed from the yard. The remaining stump can be an eyesore or a tripping hazard in the landscaping. We come in and expertly grind down the remaining part of the tree. This creates wood chips or mulch from the bottom of the tree trunk and roots.

Emergency Service Available

We offer emergency tree removal (including stump grinding) services in the Jacksonville area. Whether your tree needs to be removed for aesthetic or safety reasons, you know that you’ll receive fast and friendly service.

Experience Matters!

Our experienced arborists can advise you about what the best course of action is to take regarding your tree health and removal in both residential and commercial areas.

First Coast Tress Offer All Tree Services in Jacksonville

Our tree experts do more than just take care of your yard clean-up after a storm. We also provide regular maintenance to help keep your trees well-maintained and manicured. Other services we offer include:

  • Stump Grinding – we can remove that tripping hazard or that unsightly stump
  • Tree Removal – we can remove dead, damaged, or living trees
  • Tree Service – we help you maintain your yard for years to come
  • Tree Pruning – we will cut back your tree for its optimum health
  • Tree Trimming – we can adjust and trim the look and feel of your trees for aesthetics

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